Flaunt It By Shereen Magnetic Lash BOMBSHELL. gives you a natural and charm look therefore you can pair these up for your daytime makeup.

Our new magnetic lashes(they are made out of faux mink) and they are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free.

How to Apply

Lash Application Tips

  • Trim outer corner of magnetic lash to fit eye width. Apply Flaunt It By Shereen Magnetic Liner on lash line, allow to dry, and adhere lashes. 
  • To remove, gently peel off lashes from either corner. Cleanse skin with waterproof makeup remover.
  • To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off dried magnetic liner. Use  Cotton Candy or Cloths to gently clean off remnants, if any.
  • Do not wet the magnetic lashes.