Flaunt It By Shereen Magnetic Lash GODDESS gives you more of a very dramatic and very fashionable look therefore you can pair these up when you want to look very very dramatic.

Our new magnetic lashes(they are made out of faux mink) and they are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free.

How to Apply

Lash Application Tips

  • Trim outer corner of magnetic lash to fit eye width. Apply Flaunt It By Shereen Magnetic Liner on lash line, allow to dry, and adhere lashes. 
  • To remove, gently peel off lashes from either corner. Cleanse skin with waterproof makeup remover.
  • To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off dried magnetic liner. Use  Cotton Candy or Cloths to gently clean off remnants, if any.
  • Do not wet the magnetic lashes.