Plumping Lip Oil

Layer your lips with this plumping lip oil. This long-lasting formula,  and this  clear lip plumping oil acts as the perfect base for your favorite lip color or as top code for your favorite lip color. Lips are instantly fuller and smoother, with supreme moisture and a light-reflecting shine. This gives you a perfect pout and this can be applied multiple times a day, and the plumping effects after application last for hours! 

Key ingredients:

Coconut oil
Coconut oil will nourish your lips & condition them. It absorbs quickly & leaves the lips supple & glowy.

Avocado oil
Visibly makes lips appear fuller & adds deeply nourishing supple hydration to chapped & dried lips.

Capsicum oil
Capsicum oil delivers a slight tingle that makes the lips become fuller & juicier.

Jojoba oil
This light weight oil hydrates your lips & gives you a soft lips every application.

Sweet almond oil
The nourishing properties of the oil will lock in the moisture for soft & plump lips.

Rose oil
Rose oil will soothe dry & cracked lips & it will give you a soft lip.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E will help to nourish & replenish the lip moisture. Vitamin E is full of antioxidants so this will protect your lips from damages.